Here you can read the English version of my Espiral books, they're in newer to older order:

Espiral: Tactile Vision.

What's going on in Ana's head? Something has started to go wrong with her.
Tim Miner was the best help while translating this story.

Espiral: New Girl.

Meet Agatha and get prepared to change the way you see cute girls.
Nachie Castro helped me with the translation of this story, he's a great dude.

Espiral: Jordi Beltrán does New York.

This story was conceived directly in English though it has some Spanish, Catalan and even Japanese in it. Jim McCann helped me in the translation, and he's great too.

Espiral: Polen.
A one page story, just an experiment.

Espiral Christmas.
I've been doing Espiral stories for Christmas the last 16 years, they're a bit out of continuity but they let me get back to my favorite characters.

2012 Jordi's story was corrected by Nick Lowe.

2011 Alicia's story was corrected by Nachie Castro.

2010&2009 Corrected by Jim McCann.

If you can read Spanish...

These stories happen between "Jordi does New York" and "The New Girl".

I hope you like them all!