X-Men character designs

Last year these days I was working on "Battle of the Atom", my beloved X-Men. I've found these (I think) unpublished concepts and sketches while procrastinating a bit. Hope you like them.

It's very important to know who's taller than who.

Early stage close ups.

I wanted to know how they worked in group.

Kitty and Rachel, they're perfect friends.

Finally Rogue's hair was a bit more tamed. Jubilee wasnt!


  1. Really love your work David! I bought the trade for Captain Marvel based purely on the artwork and I really hope to see more of your work now. Your style feels very fresh and alive on the page, thanks for sharing these sketches!

    1. Thank you! I'm amazed that there's still people reading blogs, cool!

    2. Haha, yeah blogs seem to be dying out unfortunately..do you also post your art on other places?

  2. Yes, I've got a Tumblr (easier to update, social… you know):


  3. Hey David you did a great job. I liked sketches of all x men characters. I have also tried to draw something like this but totally failed. Hats off to you dear! You are amazing!


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