Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monday in Tarazona

Tarazona's skyline from "El Pósito".
Last Monday, April the 16th I was invited by the CPEPA "El Pósito" in Tarazona to go talk with them about comics.
The students of "El Pósito"(Picture by Mamen).
It was a windy rainy day but they gave me a warm welcome to their amazing facilities, the building itself is in the higher part of Tarazona a beautiful and historical city one hour away from Zaragoza.
Mamen and Gema.
The people there were great, the teachers all kindness and the students behaved in the best of ways.
(Picture by Mamen.)
We had a great time drawing a comic strip live and while doing that learning the basics of how to do a comic strip, it's not a matter of drawing better or worse, it's all about thinking in the language of comics.
The students, happy after it all ended...
I can only say that I'm really thankful for the chance to spend a fantastic afternoon/evening with them.
The fantastic display they prepared for me with the finished story as a background.
 And last not least, thanks to Rocío who drove us back home safe!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mystic gets an Eisner nomination!

You can't imagine how happy I am (and all the Mystic team too, of course), we've been nominated to the Eisner Awards in the category of "Best Publication for young Adults (ages 12-17)".

I have the feeling that we're going to win it because our book is amazing, I've been defending it since day one, not only because it's my work but because I sincerely think is a great book, a must read and a perfect book for Young Adults and people all ages.

Congratulations to all the team, to Jeanine Schaeffer, the editor, the woman with the vision, to G. Willow Wilson, writer, the soul of the book, to myself (yeah!), to Álvaro López, inker, a guy with one thousand eyes always looking for perfection, Nathan Fairbairn, colorist, the guy who decided to leap forward and pushed us all to do our best, to Jared K. Fletcher, letterer, an invisible and delicate work, to Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts for the great covers and not forgetting Jody LeHeup assistant editor and very cool guy.

And thanks to all those who read the book, I'm sure share my love for it.

Here a link to the nominees list.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A couple of interviews

Seems like the guys here in Zaragoza have decided to interview me all at once... maybe the X-Men effect? Don't know, maybe my natural charm.

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Didn't I mention? Yes, in Spanish.