Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tale

The 17th edition of my Espiral Christmas Tale, it's got only a couple of balloons in Spanish, but most of it in English (translation assisted by the sweet Nick Lowe).

Hope you like it!

Friday, October 5, 2012

X-Men #32! Reviews

Here a few reviews of my X-Men books, just a few of them!

Jorge Molin's cover
X-Men #32

David Lopez’s art for this series has been consistently high quality, and he doesn’t let up here. Colossus might be the bruiser on the team, but Storm’s icy expressions make her far more intimidating than a muscular metal man could ever be. Lopez ramps up the visual intensity right in step with Wood’s increasingly dire plot, making for one of the best X-Men stories on the shelf.

Comic Book Resources:
David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez almost always turn out good art, and this issue is no exception. They've got a tight control over the viewpoint of the reader when Colossus and Storm have their confrontation -- forever zooming in closer on each character as the discussion gets more tense -- and it creates an extra level of drama to the scene. While there's not much "action" in the issue (aside from Psylocke's opening pages as she vaults through the woods), the images pulled out of the genetic memories are off-kilter and creepy, helping to sell that moment as feeling dangerous and gripping the same way others might use a fight scene. They're a good choice for this story and I'd like to see Wood and the Alvarezes collaborate more down the line.

Multiversity Comics:
David Lopez, who joined the book with Wood, is a talented artist who works well with the mutant franchise. Despite that, though, his art works better in a somewhat lighter toned book like “New Mutants” where his knack for combining dynamic action and hilarious moments can work the best they possibly can. However, while it is your humble reviewer’s opinion that he works better in some comedic fashion, he knows how to play up the drama quite well through creative use of shading and excellent facial expressions. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ororo Munroe as frightening as I’ve seen her here.

The art by David Lopez with Rachelle Rosenberg is once again fantastic and goes with the story perfectly. One part that really sticks out is the way Pixie is drawn; she is a little more cartoony than the others, mostly her face and it has a slightly more manga-y style than the others and it helps her stand out and it is neat really works, most of it comes from her all black eyes.

X-Men #33

David Lopez opens big with the aforementioned splash page. The team dives out of their jet and freefall into a stellar action scene. Lopez has an excellent sense of gravity and movement, which he shows off with Domino skidding down a roof and landing with her guns out. So cool. His best work comes during Colossus’s confrontation with the villain and the haunting imagery that persists long after the page has been turned. Wood and Lopez have exceeded all expectations with their incredibly well-rounded cast of characters, a divisive conflict, and art that fits the tone of the book like a glove.

ComicBook Resources:
Wood's characterisation continues to excel despite this somewhat anti-climactic ending to the first act of his arc. There were some truly great moments here as an atmosphere of dark tension loomed throughout. The minimalist opening was especially excellent, with Lopez's consistently incredible art underscoring the strength of this fantastic run. Without a doubt, one of the better runs in recent history.

Some spoilers here…

Wood's artistic collaborators, David and Alvaro Lopez, continue to bring Wood's intelligent character driven work to life by employing some fantastic facial and body language to X-Men's cast of characters.  Their landscapes and images, like the one of Psylocke standing on the beach, half submerged in the ocean, at sundown are also quite beautiful and telling.

Monday, September 10, 2012

See you in Avilés!

Avilés is one of the most extraordinary conventions in the circuit, the one with the best ratio visitors/authors, it's about the nice things in comics, about knowing people and being relaxed living comics for one week.

There's always time and opportunity to have a conversation with your favorite author, either you're a professional or a visitor, really, it's a MUST.

I'll be attending from Thursday evening till Sunday, and this year I'll take my portfolio to sell (or just see) art and first time ever, accepting commissions!

If you're going to be there and you're interested in any specific page, ask me directly through my email (in the profile).

If you want a commission, it's easy, one figure, A4 size (letter), smooth paper (I provide) marker render, 50,00€. Again, you can reserve through email.

This is how I render with markers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This weekend in Breda

Maybe you can get a Magik print!
I'm proud to announce that I've been invited to the Breda comic convention, this weekend, September 8th and 9th.

I'm going to be there sharing smiles, drawing sketches and signing books.

Want more info? HERE.

See you there!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I want your vote for the Harveys!

It was long since last time I used watercolors.
My book, Mystic is proud to be a nominee for the Harvey Awards and that's awesome, but I think that we deserve to win it because we did a great work BUT if you think that other book was better, vote for it, but please, vote!

Friday, July 6, 2012

X-Men #30&31 Reviews

It was great to have the chance to work with a writer like Brian Wood in a book like X-Men and that's something that you can see in the pages.

And people has seen it too, check what people say:

X-Men #30

David and Álvaro López's art is a dream. It's beautifully consistent and stunningly rendered.

David Lopez creates an excellent look that matches the more earnest storyline. He draws the many women of the book with dignity and strength instead of using those all-too-common cheesecake shots.

Super Podcasto Magnifico!:
David Lopez is on art duty here, and he does an excellent job.


The Comixverse:
I’ve been a fan of the Lopez’s work since Hawkeye & Mockingbird. This is their strongest work to date.

Outer Realm Comics.

Comic Vine:
First off, i want to say a BIG thank you to Brian Wood and David Lopez for everything that they have accomplished in this issue, I'm not even stretching it, the men have done a fantastic job with picking the majority of things up where Gischler left off. X-Fans, as said in the title of the review, this is the book you NEED to get!

The art is really good as David Lopez takes over.

Comics Kong:
David Lopez’s art is really lovely.  He does everything right, from beautiful faces to dynamic story telling to powerful action.  The art alone could be worth the price of admission.

Thirteen Minutes:
David Lopez is not an artist I was familiar with, but his work is simply fantastic, and I think instantly underrated. Dude should be a star that everyone knows.
Grade A.

PDX Comic Geek.

Comic Box (French).

Big Planet Comics Podcast #48:
Check 45'25".

PsychoRelik Studios.

Comic Attack.

Psylocke… like a butterfly.

Interested in sophisticated fun?
David Lopez is an artist I wasn't familiar with, but I was instantly blown away by his John Cassaday meets JH Williams III art. It's got this really glossy and consistent polish to it, but then a lean, kinetic, detailed, and thin line weight that I just adore.

Bleeding Cool:
This is also the first time she (Storm) has looked this good in ages, thanks to the new take on her tiara and some subtle costume tweaks by the always dependable and classy David Lopez.

X-Men #31
Between Wood's objective approach to the story and characters and David Lopez's beautifully accessible artwork (clean, inventive and delicate without ever losing the weight of the action), this is an X-book that demands to be read not just by fans of mutants and superheroes, but fans of any sci-fi.

David Lopez’s artwork syncs up perfectly with the heavy drama and insidious plot.

Comic Vine:
This is the book that'll have you on the edge of your seat.

The writing is good and the art is great ant it makes a fun yet intense issue that is really satisfying. Any fan of the series will love this and it is a decent spot for new readers to start but picking up the previous issue is a very good idea but not one hundred percent necessary.


The Low-Frequency Listener:
(This is a curious/fun interview to the book itself.)
David López (pencils) and Álvard López (inks) provide clear panels that clearly depict the occurring events at a glance. The compositions are concise, clear, and accessible. The characters radiate a sense of movement and motion that López conveys with the character positioning and subtly tilting the frame. These techniques combined with the action of the plot help readers imagine the characters in action.
And the expressions on the faces! Look on page 27 (counting the ads) at the bottom panel with Psylocke. Sorrow, concern, perhaps a bit of fear exude from he expression. Her head's slight downward tilt accompanying the mere 7 short lines that mark the brow, and the 6 lines  beneath each eye immediately convey Psylocke's reaction to her brain scan of the alien…and her findings are dire…although to learn about those findings fully, you need to buy the next issue.

Comics Blend:
If you love the old school Storm when she was a confident, commanding, tactical and thoughtful leader then you’ll enjoy this book for that reason alone. Lopez conveys her powerful presence and steely looks perfectly.
Giant monster, strong women, freaky scientific mysteries makes this one badass X-book.

Psylocke… like a butterfly.

Thirteen minutes:
 Yeah, there’s big action, big ideas, big personal moments, and also big contributions by artist David Lopez. I try to keep things semi-classy around here, but damn it if his work doesn’t give me an art boner. I mean, I get excited when Psylocke actually looks Asian, Storm looks like she’s plausibly North African, Pixie has an impish/elfin quality to her. Dude is frickin’ paying attention to what he illustrates, not just schlocking it out. All the while his style is clean and crisp and vibrant in a way that engages you fully.
Grade A.

PDX Comic Geek.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mystic gets a nomination for the Harveys!

We have done it again!

The fantastic story of Giselle and Genevieve gets the credit it deserves being nominated for the Harvey Awards 2012 in the category of "Best original graphic publication for younger readers".

The ceremony and banquet for the 2012 Harvey Awards will be held Saturday night, September 8th. In the Baltimore ComicCon.

Visit for Ballots &  Submission Details, and please, vote us.

In the meantime, waiting for more news and Awards about Mystic, check the AMAZING cosplay these friends prepared!

The pictures were shot by Graciela de Torres (@videogramatica) in Getafe the days when @ESCOGE took place, the players are: @iamchipi as Giselle (, @NoBirdsSing as Genevieve ( and @JonathanGDuran as Gerard ( I'd like to thank the kids for their beautiful surprise.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Espiral: Tactile Vision

Here you are, the new episode of Espiral!

It's got emotional crisis, financial crisis and everything you want to crisis about!

I want to thank here the mighty Tim Miner, he's helped me a lot with this English version, not just with the translation but with fantastic ideas, thank you Tim!

You can follow him on twitter (@5_MinuteMarvels) visit his blog or the home page of his comic Golden Rule or enjoy one of the best artistic initiatives for kids in the internet, his acclaimed 5 Minute Marvels!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Webcomics! Finally in English.

Click BELOW to see some Webcomics, FREE!
After some time being lazy I've uploaded to Issu some of my Espiral comics translated, please, read them and tell me what you think.

It's a good thing to do since "Espiral: Tactile vision" is just around the corner.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Espiral: Tactile Vision

Ana and Charlotte (the snake)
Soon... 06/26 I'll be uploading the new episode of Espiral, here the cover.

Looks like things can't go worse for Ana, that's what she thinks. Wanna bet?

Monday, June 4, 2012


I took a few minutes to do a sketch for a friend there in the States, I hope she likes it as much as I liked doing it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

X-Men Pin Up: Process

Well, there's no need to say too much about this, isn't it?

Rough sketch.
Inked, with a Pilot Pen.

Clean, with the CGI floor.

Blue pencil work in final board.

... see it better here.

Ink in process.

Finished ink.

Finished ink in Line Art Mode.

Flat colors.

Colors with volumes.

A few layers of filters.

More filters...

Finished work.

Finished work, the day after.
Final art, published.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Salón del Cómic de Barcelona

Close to the exit!
 This Friday I'll be signing books at Mundo Comic El Corte Inglés in Barcelona's convention, at stand 150.

I'll be drawing fantastic sketches and wearing my best smile.

See you there!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monday in Tarazona

Tarazona's skyline from "El Pósito".
Last Monday, April the 16th I was invited by the CPEPA "El Pósito" in Tarazona to go talk with them about comics.
The students of "El Pósito"(Picture by Mamen).
It was a windy rainy day but they gave me a warm welcome to their amazing facilities, the building itself is in the higher part of Tarazona a beautiful and historical city one hour away from Zaragoza.
Mamen and Gema.
The people there were great, the teachers all kindness and the students behaved in the best of ways.
(Picture by Mamen.)
We had a great time drawing a comic strip live and while doing that learning the basics of how to do a comic strip, it's not a matter of drawing better or worse, it's all about thinking in the language of comics.
The students, happy after it all ended...
I can only say that I'm really thankful for the chance to spend a fantastic afternoon/evening with them.
The fantastic display they prepared for me with the finished story as a background.
 And last not least, thanks to Rocío who drove us back home safe!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mystic gets an Eisner nomination!

You can't imagine how happy I am (and all the Mystic team too, of course), we've been nominated to the Eisner Awards in the category of "Best Publication for young Adults (ages 12-17)".

I have the feeling that we're going to win it because our book is amazing, I've been defending it since day one, not only because it's my work but because I sincerely think is a great book, a must read and a perfect book for Young Adults and people all ages.

Congratulations to all the team, to Jeanine Schaeffer, the editor, the woman with the vision, to G. Willow Wilson, writer, the soul of the book, to myself (yeah!), to Álvaro López, inker, a guy with one thousand eyes always looking for perfection, Nathan Fairbairn, colorist, the guy who decided to leap forward and pushed us all to do our best, to Jared K. Fletcher, letterer, an invisible and delicate work, to Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts for the great covers and not forgetting Jody LeHeup assistant editor and very cool guy.

And thanks to all those who read the book, I'm sure share my love for it.

Here a link to the nominees list.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A couple of interviews

Seems like the guys here in Zaragoza have decided to interview me all at once... maybe the X-Men effect? Don't know, maybe my natural charm.

Blog de Súper Héroes.


Didn't I mention? Yes, in Spanish.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

David López is on Strike

I support the Spanish day of National Strike.

I am on strike as a protest against the new work laws approved by the government of the conservatives of right wing Partido Popular, they've passed laws abusing their majority in congress and senate denying any kind of negotiation with unions or social forces.

• I support collective agreements.
• I support the right to health.
• I support job stability.
• I am in favor of skilled labor.
• I support dialog to resolve conflicts.
• I support the interim wages.
• I support real contracts.

From here my respect  to those who choose to work today, it's their right even though I don't share their choice, but my support and best wishes are with those brave ones daring to stand up in front of those who have easier ways to fire them today.

There is too much on stake.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Want a sketch? Come to Etterbeek!

I've been invited to this fantastic convention and I hope I see you there, I'll be signing book, sketching stuff and willing to talk for hours.

In Etterbeek, Brussels, Saturday and Sunday.

See you there!

More info here and here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Cover by Jorge Molina
Word is out!

I'm happy and proud to communicate that I'll be working on X-Men with no less than Brian Wood, one of my favorite writers in the biz.

What are you waiting for, go ask for your X-Men #30!

More info here.

(Isn't this a great #100 post?)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Work process for a Cover

I found a few minutes to share the doodles I use to give shape an illustration.

I wanted an image to use as a cover for Spanish fanzine Thermocero (and print or postcard or something) with Alicia one of the girls of Espiral, something really versatile. My idea was something with that girl, in cold colors, to scape from my usual purple-yellow-kiwi-orange color scheme. Something simple but with an air of fascination.

I doodle in the first piece of paper I find close the the drawing board:
This is a discount card for a bookstore. First ideas
The idea starts to take shape...
But finally I don't find it (front and back a bill badly printed).

The best thing you can do when you're blocked is let the ideas grow by themselves. In this case, the idea of the swimming pool came swiftly and I just needed a couple of doodles to get to the final shape.

Again in the back of a paper sheet to recycle.
While researching how water works I found this picture, Alice in Wonderland is what I needed! (Alicia is the name of the character, remember?)

In the penciling stage, I saw that the fluttering dress wasn't working and researched something that could work, Wonderland related of course.

I found this print and the lizard triggered the idea. I love the idea of sea iguanas so I used it without hesitation. The idea of hers swimming with the Cheshire cat was delicious but I can't imagine that poor beast swimming. Well... maybe next time.

Then I printed the rough sketch to the final paper. Since it's a personal thing I don't need to send final pencils so I ink directly.

Here the final art.

First color version (my version).
It's always good to show your stuff to people you trust, they see things you don't. Here the head of the iguana messed with the girl's hip and the idea needed a final twitch.

Second color version.
A bigger jaw for the iguana and a pair of funny glasses fixed the whole thing.

Third color version.
Since we were having fun with the Wonderland thing we pushed it a bit further... Maybe a bit too far, yes... Good thing of computers is that you always can go back.

Fourth and final (by now) color version.
Finally another couple of eyes suggested that the upper reflection wasn't working very well, better get rid of it.

Hope you like it as much as I do!